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Renewal Cards

Renew Your Certification or License for Ministry​

Why renew?

As a member in good standing, you receive the following benefits:

  • You will receive a minister’s wallet card (helps identify you as a minister and may grant access to hospital rooms and prisons)
  • Eligibility to re-attend a live training class at a significant discount
  • Be able to replace your certificate if lost or destroyed
  • Able to receive an IIFBC transcript for obtaining credit with other institutes
  • Continued privilege to call yourself a certified or licensed faith-based counselor from a recognized certifying organization
  • Opportunity to obtain updated or revised manuals
  • Receive referrals from IIFBC

Our Yearly Notice
For graduates of certification or licensure programs, each year you will receive an email from Stripe to renew. This is our reminder process and a convenient way to renew. You may pay through the Stripe email or pay from this website. Either way, please fill out the form below. If you do not wish to renew, please ignore the email from Stripe. If you have more than one certification or credential and you would like multiple wallet cards, you may renew for each one.

IIFBC Renewal Form​

Select Your Renewal

Your certification or ministry license renewal card will be sent to you via regular US mail in a couple of weeks upon receipt of payment. Please completely fill out the renewal form above prior to selecting your renewal fee to avoid processing delays.

GOD14® Yearly Renewal​

Complete the form below, then “Add to Cart” the GOD14® Yearly Renewal Fee, and proceed to checkout.