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Our Mission​

To guide, educate, and train those who are called into the counseling ministry

Why Choose IIFBC?

  • IIFBC is a credentialing organization with programs designed from Biblical teachings and principles.
  • We certify, train, and license Christian counselors, ministers, and chaplains.
  • Pay for each course as you go or pay from the entire program at once – it’s your choice!
  • Completed courses are credited towards program fulfillment.
  • Complete curriculum with corresponding videos for many courses.
  • Exams are completed online and can be taken as many times as needed to achieve a passing grade.
  • All exams are open book with true/false or multiple choice questions.
  • Faith-Based Therapy™ model based on beliefs, choices, and faith.
  • GOD14® – a Fourteen Week Drug Recovery Program with a 90% success rate.
  • MAP/SAP™ – 95% accurate and simple Biblical personality assessment.
  • Resources to open a faith-based counseling center in your community.
  • Step up and receive your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree in Christian counseling.

Discover Our Flagship Courses

These courses are the foundation for many of our programs at IIFBC.
Click below to learn more about our courses and programs.

This course covers the foundations of Christian counseling to offer formal counseling through your church or to the public as a ministry.

By: Dr. Bill Yeary


This course digs deeper into the issues people have and allow you to help the client navigate the way forward.

By: Dr. Bill Yeary


This course teaches the dynamics of addiction with substance abuse or addictive lifestyles without drugs.

By: Dr. Bill Yeary


What We Believe

  • We believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. (2 Tim. 3:16-17; 2 Pet. 1:20).
  • We believe God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. (Gen. 1; John 1:3; Col. 1:16; Heb. 1:3).
  • We believe Jesus was without sin, and is both Lord and Christ, to the glory of God the Father. (Acts 1:9-11; 2:36; Phil. 2:9-11).
  • We believe that whosoever will confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believes in their heart God raised Him from the dead shall be saved. (Rom. 10:9-10; Acts 2:21; 1 John 1:12).
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is sent by Jesus to indwell, empower, teach, guide and comfort believers. (Luke 12:12; Rom. 8:11; John 16:13; Acts 1:7-8, 9:31).
  • We believe that the Lord Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection from the dead provided for the healing of the spirit, soul, and bodies of all peoples.
  • We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ, who will come to rule as King upon the earth with the saints. (Acts 1:9-11; 1Thess. 4:13-5:2; Rev. 19:11-21, 22:20).

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