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Manual/Certificate Ordering or Replacements

Need to replace a manual or do you prefer a hardcopy?

For enrolled students or graduates ONLY – you may obtain a hardcopy manual or replace a lost or damaged course manual

Several of IIFBC’s courses provide manuals in pdf form with the cost of tuition. If you have lost your manual or would rather have a hardcopy for one of the courses instead of the pdf that was provided, you may obtain that below for the suggested donation amount listed. Please fill out and submit the form first, “Add to Cart” the specific manual you would like, then proceed to checkout. Manuals are not available to graduates that have not maintained their certification renewal.

1. Select the Course Manual Needed

Transcripts, Certificates, and Diplomas ​

Certificates or diplomas can be replaced if lost.  Also, for those wanting a credential for a program that is within the larger program they are working on, they may pay the certificate/diploma fee to get that credential. Ex: If working on a Bachelors program and you complete the requirements for Certified Faith Based Clinical Counselor and want that also, just pay the certificate fee. Please complete and submit the form below, select the appropriate item and “Add to Cart”, then proceed to checkout.